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See below for ordering and sizing information.

Clothing Orders and Pre-Orders

Certain items and sizes might be in stock while others will be stocked as they are ordered. Please pay attention to the description and title of the item to know whether it is an item that is in stock of coming soon. My intention is to order once a week to once every 2 weeks depending on how many orders come in. The order minimums are not too big so we shouldn't have a long time in between orders but if the order is going to take more than 3 weeks to arrive to me I will let you know right away and give you a chance to make any changes you wish to.

Order Status:
Order Period xx/xx/xxxx(end date) : This will let you know when the current order period ends. Items will be ordered by the next day and they take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive to me from Europe. (SO far it has taken an average of 4 working days to arrive but I like to be conservative)

Low Stock: This means that I can see from my interface with the company that this item is low in stock and might have limited options in size and color. You can still order it I will let you know if it is out of stock and send a refund right away if it is. Or give you the option to purchase something else if you wish.

Pre-Order New Season:
This means it will take longer to arrive but will still be ordered on the order period date so you will be the first to get it once it is available.

In-Stock: I have it in my hot little hands. You can order pre-order items with in-stock items I will give you the option of getting your in-stock items right away or waiting until your pre-order items come. There will be a small shipping fee if you want to split the order and get the in-stock items right away.

Please, Please, be cert
ain to leave an email address that is checked often. I will have to reach you to let you know when your items are arriving or contact you if there are any problems. I have made a phone number optional on the check out as well.

Sizing Information:

Clothing with 3 Sizes:

Measurement: XS/S-M/L-XL/XXL

Bust: 31-38-47
Waist: 25-31-41
Hips: 34-41-50

Clothing with 6 Sizes:

Measurement: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL

Bust: 31-34-38-42-47-52
Waist: 25-28-31-36-41-45
Hips: 34-37-41-45-52-55

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